Monday, June 13, 2011

Where did that come from? Mailbox Monday

My mailbox was insanity and extremely exciting today!! I got the Bacardi Tee from a Facebook offer a while back as well as a new pair of glasses for DB from the Firmoo Facebook offer. Little did I know there was a coupon for a free bag of Lays potato chips in there and a grand finale was a large box. I had NO idea what the heck could have come in a box, I haven't ordered anything I haven't gotten and I didn't win anything that I knew of. Although I didn't know it, I did in fact win the MilkPep Sweepstakes. I'm so stoked, I got a digital camcorder (I've been itching to get one) along with a 2 GB SD card AND a $15 iTunes card!!

I'm incredibly excited and I had to share! I hope all is well and everyone else is having a great start to the new week!!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Zantac Sample

 Get your sample HERE


Friday Freebies

Frito-Lay will be posting their giveaway of 24,000 free bags of chips on Facebook today! Just click "Like" and you will be able to sign up when the link is posted. Here's what they had to say

"It's official -- check out our mention on Guinness' page!Remember to come back to our page at 3pmET/2pmCT to claim your free bag of chips!"

So, by 3pm be at the Frito-Lay page to try and snag your free bag of chips!! 

Coastal Contacts are giving away tons of free glasses lately. Guess what?!? DB FINALLY got his prescription today and I was FINALLY able to order him a pair of glasses. While we were trying to find the right pair we had an idea of what we thought would be nice.

I'm all about it!! I love love love an adorable nerdy guy with black frame glasses! Well, it seems their stock of different types of these babies are either not coupon friendly or out-of-stock (does this mean I'm not the only one?). We finally picked a pair that was not yet but close to out-of-stock and got them ordered. I'm super excited about these freebies and can't wait for the glasses to get here!

The cost was around $18, $9 for shipping and around $9 for handling. (still a pretty good deal)

I hope these freebies will help everyone get to a wonderful weekend!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Free glasses from Coastal Contacts

10,000 Free pairs of eyeglasses AGAIN!

Coastal Contacts are giving away 10K more pairs of eyeglasses. If you didn't get in on the last giveaway here's your chance! DB still has not gotten his prescription for glasses but his contacts were ordered today so I think once those show up we will have the script but I could be wrong.

First, go to the Coastal Contacts Facebook page and click "like". On the left side of the page open the tab 'Free Glasses!" and get your code. The directions say they recommend you pick out a couple pairs of glasses before the giveaway in case the pair you have chosen is sold out. You could head to Coastal Contacts now and pick out a couple pairs you're interested in. Tomorrow at 9am PDT pick your pair of eyeglasses checkout and add the promo code available on their Facebook page.

Did any of you get in on this deal last week?? Anyone know how much the shipping costs? Hopefully some of you can get in on this deal!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend and is on the right foot to an awesome week!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Free RevitaLens

Remember the other day when I said DB got himself contacts instead of glasses and I was bummed I missed out on the glasses deal? Well today there is a deal out that you can get yourself a free kit of RevitaLens at your Wal-Mart Vision Center.

Go Here and print a copy to take to your local Wal-Mart Vision Center and they will give you a box with a 2.0 oz. bottle of RevitaLens and contact case absolutely free! I was excited that finally something came along for contacts and learning to use them DB has gone through quite a bit in a little more than a week so he will definitely be needing this solution.

When we stopped at our Vision Center today the girl said she had not heard of or seen this before but she was very polite and said she had no problem going and getting this freebie for us. Hopefully many of you will be able to get this with ease as well!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pyrex Potholder

Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Check it out, today I got my free Pyrex potholder in the mail! Normally, I like to post my freebies from the week before on Mondays but I'm so excited my mail has been awesome 2 days in a row!!

Reach Toothbrush Coupon

There is an awesome coupon out there good for $2/2 on Reach Toothbrushes. Head over to and print yours. There have been quite a few different sales around on toothbrushes lately so depending on what local stores you have nearby you could get these for as low as FREE!