Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Dinner

We had a great Christmas dinner with my DB's parents and younger brother. We usually have dinner at my grandma's and sometimes at DB's mom's as well but this year my grandmother decided to go down to my mom's house for Christmas leaving us with the choice of either making dinner or no dinner. I choose dinner, of course, so we did it at our house...our first Christmas dinner. It actually turned out awesome and everything was delicious!

DB made the lonely dip and crackers while I was finishing up the rolls for dinner. I thought that I snagged a picture of the lovely humongous rolls when they were in the basket but I was apparently mistaken and as it turns out my little brother-in-law is a compulsive roll eater, which means there aren't many left to photograph. They turned out beautiful though and extremely big! DB was poking at them all day yelling about how they weren't getting big enough and then, as if they heard him ridiculing, they blew up into monsters.

*Ham gravy (sorry about the picture DB was whisking)
The dessert counter, yum! I have been baking and baking and running around like a crazy person trying to get this dinner all together. I plan to get these recipes posted soon and perhaps someone will find them interesting enough to try!

I'm sure everyone has been equally as busy and I hope that you all have a happy and safe holiday!

Merry Christmas!


Auqakuh said...

Mmm, that pie and those cookies look fantastic!

I found you via FMBT and am your newest follower Rae T.

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Have a great day! :)

Alliejean said...

That post makes me hungry haha!
I am following from FMBT. I would love it if you could follow me too!

Dawn K. said...

Everything looked delicious! Just found your blog on FMBT and I'm a new follower! Going to try some of your recipes!