Saturday, January 15, 2011

I love a good deal

DB and I had some running around to do last night and one of the places we had to run was walmart. It's definitely not my favorite store, especially the one closest to my house, they really don't do well with coupons and their customer service is really crappy so I don't go often. DB said he needed a lock and some windshield wiper fluid so we looked around a little and check out what I found.
I know the picture isn't great but each of these shirts were marked down to $1. I know there have been better deals in the history of walmart but I'm stoked. The blue polo was down from $8, my delicious new monster cereal shirt down from $7.50 and the little one is down from $4 so I grabbed it for my nephew's birthday.

I have to go back out to the mall and the pet store so I'm hoping my luck will stretch through tonight and I can find DB some nice shoes for a good deal. I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!


Brooke Anna said...

I worked at my local walmart 3 years ago and still have many friends who work there. It has gotten aweful lately but honestly THERE IS NOT ANY COMPETITION in my town over. The nearest town is 30 minutes away besides my local WalMart and the nearest city is an hour. :( I like to find deals though there isn't many. Plus, they don't train the cashiers well and they aren't interested in learning either. I've also noticed MUCHO discrpencies in their clearance section.

Sheri Carpetenter said...

Here for the relax & surf hop. I am a follower. Hope you will come follow me back. I have 3 blogs please feel free to just pick one to follow