Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Free glasses from Coastal Contacts

Tomorrow Coastal Contacts is offering 10,000 pairs of free eyeglasses at 12 (noon) EDT and all you will pay is shipping.

First, go to the Coastal Contacts Facebook page and click "like". On the left side of the page open the tab 'Free Glasses!" and get your code. The directions say they recommend you pick out a couple pairs of glasses before the giveaway in case the pair you have chosen is sold out. You could head to Coastal Contacts now and pick out a couple pairs you're interested in. Tomorrow at noon pick your pair of eyeglasses checkout and add the promo code available on their Facebook page.

I was really excited about this giveaway, since I don't wear glasses I haven't need any but DB does and he just saw the eye doc. Sadly, he decided for the first time in his life he would like contacts and while I could have still tried to snag him a pair he has not received his prescription because he's in the trial phase of contacts. While I will be waiting until the next time this awesome giveaway hits the net I hope that many of you are able to get the deal!! I have read in different places that the shipping isn't normally anymore than $20, if you get in on this deal please let me know for sure if the shipping and handling was reasonable enough!!

I hope everyone is having a great week and good luck if you try to get your own pair of free glasses!!!


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Susanmeep said...

I will have to try to get my free glasses!

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