Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I seem to have pretty well fallen off the map the last couple of months and much like blogging I truly want to get back into my everyday everything! It's been a very rough couple a months and while we've had a hard time keeping our heads held high I am quickly recovering and getting back into my groove.

Spring is certainly come and go right now..yesterday it was nearly 80 degrees in my house and today it's a mere 64. I'm excited my plants have begun to pop up in the garden and we have tomato and pepper plants ready to be transplanted outside. We started purging junk and spring cleaning over the weekend and have plenty left to do. One of my favorite things to do is go through what we don't use and get rid of it! I was quite proud of DB, as he has a harder time letting go, that he actually went through totes of old computer parts he was holding onto and decided what could finally go (it only took 3 years of my nagging and who knows how long since he's had them). The closet is close to empty and our winter clothes are stored away until fall, rooms are being rearranged and everything needs scrubbed. I hope you all are able to enjoy your spring weather and perhaps your cleaning as well! 

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