Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Great deal on Hasbro games!

DB and I have been looking around and around for birthday gifts for my nephew and there are some really great deals out there with the Hasbro coupons floating around!

We picked up Gator Golf for $12, it's on rollback at Walmart for $15 with a $3 coupon in the papers you can also print Here. I know it's not the best of deals but he will be 3 so the better deals weren't fitting for him but that doesn't make them any less awesome!

Walmart also has Toy Story 3 Operation on rollback for $5 and you can get coupons Here and/or Here for $3 off making this game $2. I know quite a few people like to shop early for Christmas and birthdays as well as have a few things they got a great deal with on hand for birthday parties and these are perfect for that!

Candy Land is also on rollback for $5 and there is a $2 coupon for it, $3 is still a really decent deal! You can get that coupon Here. I didn't see that it was available in both places but I could have easily overlooked it, if someone does find it please let me know and I will quickly get that added onto here! I apologize about the pictures they were quick pics from my really old cell phone. I hope everyone is having a great day and enjoys these incredible deals!

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