Monday, September 13, 2010

Don't judge me monkey..

Darling B was poking fun at the way I eat things sometimes. I don't think it's that different but I thought I'd ask maybe someone else does one of these too.

I eat the edges off of Reese's cups and Klondike bars, then the tops before I eat the middle and bottom together, weird? I don't know why but I've always eaten them that way, there's nothing better than eating the chocolate coating off of a klondike before you eat the ice cream! To me it's kind of like pulling apart cracker sandwiches or oreo's and eating the middle first (which I do!).

The deal today was how I eat my lucky charms, cereal first, I save as many marshmallows as I can for last. Does anyone else have different eating 'habits' they could share, please?!


Lil Bit said...

I definitely eat the edges of the Reese's first and I leave my marshmallows for last too. I tend to eat the edges off a lot of things before I eat the centers: York Peppermint Patties and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. If I'm going to eat a slice of Kraft American cheese, I fold it into 4 squares and then break those 4 squares into 4 more little squares. So instead of eating 1 bite by bite, I eat 16 bite size pieces. :P

MKS said...

It sounds like you and I have very similar eating styles!
I used to eat all the cereal of the Lucky Charms first when I was little, but then realized that I really didn't like the cereal part at all, so I always made sure to have at least one marshmallow in each bite while still trying to have a lot left over to much on all by themselves. Ha.
I always eat the chocolate around a 3 Musketeers so I can eat the middle alone.

aumie said...

Thank you for making me feel better :D! Lil Bit I'm so glad you said that about cheese slices I do the same thing. I always at least break it into 4. MKS I think your take on marshmallows with each bite is like mine with sandwiches I like to eat chips with my sammies and I want a little crunch with each bite. Thanks ladies!