Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rain, Rain...what's the deal?!

I have a husband, one cat and three dogs currently asleep on the couch. I also have another cat asleep in the recycling tote (she needs her space!) Seriously what gives?! I know it's rainy, it's pretty dark outside, and it's boring but everyone is asleep? I could definitely go play some Dr. Mario on my Wii cause I am addicted and haven't played in a couple weeks but if I move my little Lucky is going to get up and she's laying right on DB and that will wake up the entire nap group. Since I'm here I can tell you about my pretties, I love them!

Daisy was MY first dog, we had one dog when I grew up and he got sick my first year of college. I worked at Cedar Point in the summers during college and one year I was staying at my uncles and found a gorgeous beagle/shep at a store down the street and I instantly loved her. She's the sweetest most loving not needy dog I've ever seen. She's my big dog, she's medium sized but the biggest dog I have. I call her 'puppa' I'm not sure why, I just started at some point and didn't stop.

Then there's Lucky, she's a Toy Fox, I love her but she's really a one person dog, she loves everyone but if I blink she's in my face. I'm a huge animal kid, I love animals. This one I call 'monkey' she trots around like she's the biggest dog on the face of the earth, it's funny.

The other dog we have is named Lazlo. He was actually a friend's dog and she is having a baby and decided she didn't have time for him so she wanted me to take him cause he is the same breed as Lucky. He's sweet, he has only been here about a month but he's really taken to DB cause Lucky doesn't like to share me.

Then of course there's Duchess and Jelly Bean. Duchess came from the same friend that wanted us to take Lazlo. Back then she wasn't fixed and always found a way to sneak out. She had one litter of two kittens when we got her. We kept JB and my grandma took the other one, she's tiger striped. They're both fixed now thankfully. We never had cats when I was growing up so it's still kinda new territory to me, not that you have to do much. It's very peculiar that they always want to be 'in' something, the paper tote, any open boxes, open drawers even the dryer.

Today everyone wants to go out and play and it's done nothing but rain. DB also found out he was color blind today, red/green. We already knew, once he told me a green car was black so I found the little dot chart online with the number in the middle and he couldn't see it. Today he was told officially by a doc though, I always wonder what it's like for him to see certain things!

I hope everyone else is having a great day, maybe even sunny!!! This is supposed to all clear up tomorrow so that will be excellent!! Do you have animals like mine? I'd love to hear about it!


Becky Jane said...

It is very sunny here...could you please send some Eeyore weather this way? Your cats are beautiful!
Becky Jane

The Mommy Mambo said...

Thanks for following along with my co-hosting for To The Top Tuesday! I'm following back now....your babies are cute too! :)