Saturday, September 25, 2010


I love rearranging furniture. To be honest I would prefer to move but this is a pretty good substitute. I love to move, the packing, cleaning, driving a huge rented truck with my Jeep in tow, the love of  a new town, something different, meeting new people, unpacking, it's like rearranging in a different town, it's awesome! I know most people don't share that view but I love it. I grew up an Army Brat so before I was out of high school my family moved 8 times, none of that to the other side of town stuff, we moved states away, a couple times even across the country. Since then I've moved myself 7 times, I love it.

To keep my need for change in check I rearrange my furniture sometimes frequently. Last night I started with my bed room and today I'd like to do the living room but DB is the kind of kid who lived in the same house his ENTIRE life until we got our house and I'm pretty sure his parents furniture was in the same place when I met him as when they bought it, he just thinks I'm weird. *sigh*

I also have a baby shower to go to this evening for a friend I used to work with. Money has been pretty really tight here so I was really excited when I found 2 adorable outfits at Babies R Us for under 5 dollars. I don't know a whole whole lot about baby clothes yet (notice yet, I definitely want kids) but the original prices were 16 and 19 so I thought that's a great deal and they're gorgeous outfits. Also, it's cold outside and I have to take my Jeep and the party is like 30 miles away, I haven't managed to put the top or doors back on and I don't have time today....did I mention it's cold? Have you ridden in a Jeep with no doors or top when it's cold? It's great and cold.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!

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