Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Airport, hospital, Lasagna

I was thinking while eating my cheese and crackers that I should make a quick post while I have a chance.

Today has flown by, I can't believe it's 8:30 already...I have gotten quite a bit done...except shower. My mom is flying in tonight, in fact, she's on her first flight to Charlotte as I type and her flight here leaves at 9:10. She will be here at 11:32 and I have to leave my house by 10:30...not too much time, or just enough however you look at it. From the airport she wants to go straight to the hospital to see my uncle (her brother). He's doing well, he had his last surgery this afternoon, they had to fuse two of his vertebrae together. Once she gets to see him we will head back to my house for a little sleep...and I mean little because she wants to head back to the hospital by 8 in the A.M. I also have to pick my Great Grandma up for Thanksgiving, while my mom is at the hospital. It poses to be a lot of driving.

On a higher note, we had delicious Lasagna for dinner last night.

I love Lasagna, it's so yummy! It's also really easy, I always thought Lasagna was a hard, time consuming meal but it's not at all.

While I'm excited about Thanksgiving, it's really coming up fast. Tomorrow throughout all my driving here there and everywhere I will also have to make pumpkin pies and stuffing and start a Turkey in the middle of the night so we can eat early, poor DB has to eat at his mom's too and wanted ours to be first for better food. He's so sweet!

I hope everyone has an incredible day tomorrow!

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Missy Salsa said...

Hope everything goes well!