Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Hopping

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I love the weekend but I have so much to do, my mom's flight comes in Tuesday night so I have until then to have what I need done. My uncle was supposed to help DB fix his car today and forgot....atleast it's the weekend and he can go tomorrow. Poor DB has been driving on bad axles for months because we couldn't afford to fix them, I can't really say we can afford it now but we don't have a choice.

We watched the new Hell's Kitchen last night, I have to say I'm happy to see Sabrina go! She was really annoying and trying to be gangster isn't cute. I think my favorite is Jillian and I also like Nona. I love when it gets so close to the end but I hate to know I have to wait for the new season. I should probably get in gear and start doing something. I hope everyone has a great Friday and start to their weekend!


Missy Salsa said...

I'm undecided on this season's hell's kitchen. I hate Sabrina. I like Jillian (minus the eyebrows) and Russel but not when he goes all bossy crazy. Gail is leaving next. You can't mess up fish twice.

aumie said...

Aww..haha I like Jillian's eye brows. Russel is really good but he's so annoying that he thinks he's incredible! I wouldn't be surprised if it's Gail or Trev!

I heart digi scrapping said...

we always watch Hells Kitchen but feel that this year.. is only for ratings. Do not think any of them are "chefs". Visit me at

aumie said...

I do think they're all some sort of 'chef' the good ones like Jillian and Russell are definitely but I think that people like Sabrina and Raj were brought on just to keep the drama level up