Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving dinner as a whole was incredible! Most of it was made at my house and we lugged it over to my grandma's house.
The turkey was one of the things that we made at our house and it actually turned out incredible. This turkey was 21 lbs. and we have plenty of leftovers, turkey sandwiches with green olives...yum!

Brussel sprouts with bacon, these are our 'tradition', my grandma makes these are ever holiday dinner. She adds a little garlic salt to the mix and they are always delicious!

My grandma called my mom before we left our house with most of the things we were bringing and asked for some bananas, I have an uncle that is serious about making sure there is fruit salad there. He went to the house to help early and when he realized my grandma forgot the fruit salad  he threw a fit and made her call my mom to pick up bananas.
Cooked Stuffing
Dinner turned out delicious and pretty easy. My uncle didn't get to be there but he was pretty stocked up on pumpkin pie. It took a while for DB to get back from his mom's house and from what I have heard it was a pretty hard time. Holiday's seem to be a mess when it comes to his family and I always feel so bad but there seems to be no solution.

On the other hand, my uncle is doing well and right now while he is still in the hospital it is only because they are waiting for a bed to open at the rehabilitation center they are trying to get him into. He has had physical therapists in a couple times a day to help him get up out of bed and walk around, he's having a hard time but he knows it is necessary. Thank you everyone for your thoughts!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday and is having a good time if you're preparing for the next one!


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