Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Turkey Stuffing

It was a different Thanksgiving here, my uncle is still in the hospital and my mom was here. We made the turkey, stuffing and pies at my house to take to my grandma's for dinner.
I was a little nervous about making quite a bit of the dinner at my house because I had never done it before, my mom helped us get through it pretty easily. We decided to have dinner pretty early so DB could have dinner at his mom's and then when he came back we could go to the hospital to spend sometime with my uncle.
When we were making the stuffing there were so many onions cooking I think I could smell it all the way through to Friday night.
The stuffing was delicious! It felt like forever cutting up onions and celery but it turned out really good. After dinner there was no stuffing for anyone to take home for later, I guess that means everyone else liked it too!

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