Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Giant Eagle deals, I love you!

Yesterday, DB and I had a few errands to run before I took my grandma to the dentist and he had to leave for work. While we were out running around I had a few coupons saved up that I wanted to use and I needed to get more cream cheese for those lovely pumpkin rolls I need to bake. I had the Cottonelle wipes and Advil coupons from last weeks free samples. I also love the coupons that are usually in the inserts of the papers with protein bars and different kinds of nutrition bars, they all taste pretty good and with those coupons I can usually get them for free or very close. The cream cheese was the best deal by far! I had the Kraft coupon for $5 off of 5, amazing! Philadelphia cream cheese was on sale at Giant Eagle this week 4 for 5 so I got 5 for 6.25, with the coupon 1.25. The best part is that I got a cat for $2 off my next trip!

I also had coupons from a giveaway I won that are 1.50 off Febreze Set & Refresh air fresheners. The deal wasn't the best I've ever done but I wanted some new air fresheners. They were 2.99 at GE and with Q they were 1.49. If Kmart would Super Double again I could have had these for free...such is my life. I have to tell you these things are amazing! I don't understand how they are working but they smell delicious!

There is a small pack of liquid scent that you put into the holder.

It's really small and I don't know where the scent comes from! You slide it down into the holder, no plugs or batteries, it doesn't spray anything or release at certain just works! It says to put the holder in a small to medium sized room but I put one in my kitchen (which is good sized) and while it isn't as air filling as the sprayers or plug-ins the closer you get the stronger it is! These things are great, I hate to find a plug that isn't covered by something or find a spot somewhere that the spray isn't going to shoot someone in the eye when it goes off. These are more like the reed diffusers only no sticks and no spills! The only scents they had at GE were Hawaiin Aloha and Linen & Sky.

The holder is pretty small and cute. The scent is kind of like the lotion you put on when you go to a tanning bed, I love that smell! I also love the smell of clean laundry and that's what DB's office smells like now from the Linen & Sky!

These things are great, easy to set up and find a place we'll see how long they last! If you need a simple air freshener I would definitely encourage you to give these a shot!

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blueviolet said...

I have one in my bathroom too. I like it but it's not nearly noticeable enough for me!