Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Another rainy day...

It's been pouring down rain all day!! It's outrageous and I'm tired of it, it's like 77 degrees and rain? Why hit me with the rain too..I love when it's nice out, I love to be outside and for the past couple weeks we were lucky if it was 50. So Mother Nature, I'd like to take my Indian Summer with a dose of Sunshine if you don't mind!

On the other hand I got the most lovely thing from FedEx today...remember the trip I won to Montana?! Yeah, I got another folder in the mail today that our trip will be January 22 through 25 and papers to fill out sizes. Sizes?! We have to fill out sizes for clothes, shoes, gloves, jackets, hats and whatever else they're going to give us, I'm stoked! I also have papers to fill out for what activities we want to do while we're there. I'm super excited about activities but there are 10 and I have to choose? Alright, alright so I'm not really interested in an adventure trek down a freaking zipline and I'm not really digging a wilderness tour and backcountry orienteering mm..I'm not so sure yet. But, they have  activities that I don't want to miss like dogsledding, that's awesome, snowmobiling, who wouldn't, and ice fishing, I love to fish! So, you see my dilemma? 7 activities I have to number in the order which I am most interested...maybe 6 I don't know about cross-country skiing, but it sounds fun! Oh well, I'll wait for DB to get home so I can ask him what he thinks and he will no doubt tell me "It's up to you!". The luxury of having decisions I'm incapable of making fall upon me daily!


Green Door Girl said...

your trip sounds just awesome, post your options we will help you pick! :)

blueviolet said...

You're getting clothes to go with your trip? That is AMAZING!