Monday, October 4, 2010

Pumpkin Shortage?!

Not in my house! My aunt and cousin came and spend Saturday night and most of Sunday at my house, in the midst of conversation my aunt said 'OH, I forgot to tell you there's a pumpkin shortage this year!' What?!? DB had literally told me days before this that there wasn't going to be a shortage this year it was only 2009 and so I thought nothing of it.

I love to bake and it seems everyone loves for me to bake. I make the cookies, candy, pies and whatever else we need for holidays and my family and friends have no trouble eating it all up. It's incredible to be loved and appreciated like that, so of course I have no problem doing it. My aunt is set on my Pumpkin Roll being the best she's ever had and wants at least one for her house along with the two I will need at Thanksgiving dinner and two more for Christmas dinner at my Grandma's. My whole family gets together to share Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner together and I am designated dessert maker. I myself can eat pumpkin everything all year, I love it!

I definitely thought I would take DB's word on there not being a problem this year and not to worry, until I went grocery shopping Sunday. I wasn't going shopping for Pumpkin filling persay but I was going to pick some up. The shelf was cleared out, not a single can and it was late, we were tired so we came home and I figured I would go back out today and find some. We went to Dollar General and looked everywhere, none, only a small sticky note that says 'Due to shortage only 2 per customer'. We tried Marc's, another DG, Aldi, Wal-Mart, Giant Eagle, nothing! DB said 'Let's try that little Sparkle that's on the outskirts of town that no one ever goes to', I figured why not we've tried everywhere else. And SURPRISE

They didn't have the regular can that makes two pies, this baby makes EIGHT! That's right eight!! Have you ever seen a can so big?! I haven't! This can is six pounds of Pure Pumpkin. I'm so excited, this can should cover anything pumpkin I need to make this year and then some. I can't wait to start baking!

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Green Door Girl said...

omigosh - 6 lbs of pumpkin - I don't know what I would do with that much - LOL. Enjoy baking!